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About The Chick on the Go's Travel Clothes

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The Chick in the Go is a new concept in women's clothing. Using our seven piece collection consisting of five essential pieces (black wide leg pants, a black slip dress, an off-white long sleeve v-neck shirt and off-white tank, a versatile black poncho/shirt/skirt) and two versatile accessories (a black and an off-white sash/headband/scarf), you can mix and match them to make over 25 different outfits of all different styles, from conservative businesswear to elegant social attire to casual dining wear to relaxing loungewear. And the most amazing thing is, all the pieces fit into a compact clutch-sized travel case (which is included with your order). It's like having an entire travel wardrobe in your clutch!

The idea for The Chick on the Go came from designer Silvia Allegrini, who faced a difficult travel situation most of us have faced in our lives: the airlines lost her luggage while she was traveling overseas. As the airlines tried to track down her lost bags, Silvia struggled to try to purchase replacement clothes. This experience became the inspiration for The Chick on the Go.

The Chick on the Go's pieces are at once stylish, lightweight, and comfortable. The pieces are custom made in the USA from the highest quality imported rayon, with 5% spandex for comfort and versatility. They are engineered for travel: the fine needlepoint makes the pieces incredible lightweight, and the pieces all have spectacular recovery and will not stretch out after many uses.

These days it costs an arm and a leg just to check one suitcase at the airport. But with The Chick on the Go you can skip baggage claim and travel light by packing 25 outfits right in your Carry-on bag or briefcase! Or, keep a spare set at the office or in the car to use as your portable closet for those days when you need to go out and do not have the time to go home and change. With The Chick on the Go, all you are limited by is your own imagination!

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