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About Our Product

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About Our Product

The Chick On The Go consists of a stylish and versatile case, as well as five garments and two accessories that can be mixed and matched to create an entire wardrobe 25 different and unique outfits! Whether you need to dress to impress a business client, have a night out on the town, or just want to spend an evening relaxing, you'll be surprised at how versatile a wardrobe you can create. It truly is a "fashion survival kit"!

Our Garments

The Chick on the Go Travel Kit consists of 5 garments and 2 accessories. The garments included are MUST HAVE pieces which are essential wardrobe items for women: a black wide leg pant, a black slip dress, a off-white long sleeve V- neck shirt, an off-white tank top, and a black Poncho that can also be worn as a shirt or a skirt. The 2 accessories are sashes, one in black and one in off-white. These sashes can be worn as a belt, a scarf or a headband.

All these essential clothing items coordinate together to create 25 amazingly versatile outfits, from business attire to flirty outfits to outfits for a night out on the town to clothes you can just relax in. ENJOY a FULL TRAVEL WARDROBE with only 5 pieces of clothing.

essential clothing items for women long black pantslong sleeve shirtwhite tank topblack dressblack ponchoblack sashwhite sash
Our Case / Garment Bag

All garments are packed in our beautifully decorative clutch size case that can easily fit in your tote bag, desk drawer or carry-on luggage. You can also carry the bag by itself, as it is elegant and easy to carry.

The case opens up to reveal an entire garment bag consisting of 4 pockets, 3 of which contain the garments and the 4th of which is intentionally left empty for personal items of your own choice. A convenient hook lets you hang the bag anywhere, giving you full freedom to try out all the different combinations of garments.

Go enjoy your trip; our pre-packed garment bag may be all you need!

The Looks

With just ONE Chick on the Go set of five pieces and two accessories, you can mix and match them to create OVER 25 unique, distinct, and beautiful outfits! We've put together picture of each outfit you can create, and divided them into four categories to suit whatever plans you may have in your travels:

The Fabric

The Chick on the Go is not only fashionable, it's engineered with amazing technology that results in spectacular performance recovery, meaning no matter how often you wear the outfits or fit them into your briefcase or weekend clutch, the fabric will recover to its original size. It's engineered for travel, has great coverage, is extremely light weight, and is super compact.

The garments are made of a 95% Rayon jersey and 5% Spandex blend. They're custom made in the USA from the highest quality imported rayon, whose ultra soft quality combined with the stretchable quality of the 5% spandex translates into unprecedented comfort and versatility! This fantastic blend creates the "light, sleek and chic" look that is the motto of Chick On The Go.

The combination of the fabric and the design along with the fact that there are NO BUTTONS OR ZIPPERS create a flattering look for ALL BODY TYPES.


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